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Reptiles that Make Great Pets

Feb 16 • 3 minute read

There are many wonderful pets beyond dogs and cats. Reptiles can also make great companions. There are several types of reptiles to choose as pets. If you are new to the reptile world, you want to make sure that you choose one that will make a suitable pet and whose needs you understand. Keep reading to see the different reptiles that most experts recommend as pets.

Leopard Geckos

Leopard geckos are brightly colored, reasonably priced, tiny lizards that are good for first-time reptile owners. These pets do not have an odor, are quiet, and come in many patterns and colors. In addition, they have minimal housing requirements. You will need a terrarium or aquarium with a screen top to hinder the leopard gecko from escaping. The habitat size should be at least 10 gallons per gecko. It should also have a heating pad, UV light, a calcium dish, a water bowl, a food bowl, a hiding box, and substrate for covering the bottom of the cage. Leopard geckos feed on mealworms, wax worms, and crickets.


Tortoises are quiet, cute, and low maintenance pets. They also have a longer lifespan of between 50 and 100 years. You should prepare to care for this pet for a lifetime and know that a tortoise may outlive you. Most tortoise species are usually large and need a decent-sized outdoor enclosure. A milder climate is perfect for your pet unless you want to bring your tortoise indoors during cooler weather or at night. Tortoises need a variety of roughage and proper amounts of phosphorus and calcium in their diet, and it is important to research proper nutrition needs before adopting this reptile.

Corn Snakes or Rat Snakes

Corn snakes, also called rat snakes, are a common type of snake often kept as pets. Given their docile nature, these snakes are easy to maintain and are perfect for beginners. On average, corn snakes have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years and can grow to about 2 to 4 feet long. Corn snakes need a tank size of at least 30 gallons with a substrate that should be changed once monthly. Additionally, young corn snakes require defrosted food once weekly and every two weeks for adults. These snakes are easy to handle during mealtime since they are not picky eaters and can be either fed frozen-thawed or live food.


Anoles are another species of small lizard ideal for beginner reptile keepers. This animal enjoys living on trees and is extremely quick. Green anoles are unique for their color-changing capabilities, and they may change color based on mood, environment, or temperature. Like most lizards, anoles need a terrarium, lighting, substrate, and heating element for proper humidity and temperature control. Anoles have an average lifespan of five years and can grow to approximately 8 inches long.  Anoles also need a balanced diet consisting of insects, calcium  supplements, and treats such as hornworms, phoenix worms, and mealworms.

Water Dragons

Water dragons are popular reptiles, with Chinese water dragons most commonly kept as pets. These lizards are famous for their skilled climbing and friendly disposition and are native to Southeast Asia and China. Chinese water dragons may be light to dark green; some have turquoise or green stripes on their bodies and white or pale yellow bellies. Water dragons are relatively small, with the females growing to approximately 2 feet while males reach 3 feet in length. When keeping water dragons as pets, you should provide large enclosures of about 2 to 4 feet deep and 5 to 6 feet long. Ensure their habitat includes plenty of branches, substrate, and live plants like ficus, dracaena, and pothos.

Which Reptile Is Right for You?

If you are searching for a unique new pet that, you should consider a reptile. Most reptiles make incredible companions, but not all are ideal for beginners. Ensure that you do lots of research and take the time to prepare, as your new pet will be a long-term.

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