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Reliable Overnight Pet Boarding in Mobile, AL

Although every pet owner wants to be there for their pets, there may be circumstances where they can't. Everything from long vacations to business trips can leave you scrambling to find someone to watch and care for your pet during the day and night. At Village Animal Clinic, we're proud to provide excellent overnight pet boarding to Mobile residents and those in its surrounding areas.

You can rest assured that our skilled and compassionate veterinary team will work to help your pet feel comfortable and engaged while they're under our roof. We look forward to meeting you and helping you determine if our overnight cat and dog boarding meets your needs. Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly team members to schedule your next appointment!

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Is Overnight Pet Boarding Right for Me?

At Village Animal Clinic, we never want you to agree to a service without understanding what it entails. That's why our friendly and communicative veterinary team is more than happy to answer your questions and break down some of the benefits of our pet boarding services. Some of the many benefits of our services include:

  • Comfort & Familiarity: Just like for humans, routine is crucial for cats and dogs as a break from it can cause stress and anxiety. Our overnight Mobile pet boarding services also ensure that separation anxiety is kept to a minimum and that they're happy while you're gone.
  • Peace of Mind: Owners have a strong connection to their pets, and separation for any amount of time can be stress-inducing. By leaving your pet with compassionate and skilled veterinary professionals, you ensure that they're safe, and you can get the peace of mind that you need while away.
  • Personalized Attention: At Village Animal Clinic, we don't view the pets under our care impersonally. We genuinely enjoy interacting with pets and showing them love and compassion. When your pet is under our roof, we'll give them personalized attention to help them feel comfortable and at ease.

Catering to Your Boarding Needs

Over the years, we've improved our cat and dog daycare services to meet the needs of owners, no matter what their situations may be. For example, if you want to have your pet with us over the weekend, we'll have you drop them off on Friday and pick them up on Monday. While they're in our care, our team will let them out for exercise twice a day, clean their cage, provide them with medication, and feed them. However, if you need assistance Monday through Friday, we'll do everything we would normally do and let them out three times a day. In addition, we offer grooming services while your pet is being boarded at our office.

Overnight Boarding FAQs

At Village Animal Clinic, we know how frustrating it can be to have questions that go unanswered. That's why we're here to give you the answers you need to make confident decisions about your pet's care. Some of the most frequently asked questions about our Mobile pet boarding services include:

Does my pet need to be up to date with shots?

Yes. For your cat or dog to be boarded at our office, they need to have all their necessary shots. However, we understand that some pets, younger pets especially, may not be up to date. That's why we can provide any shots at our office while they're under our care.

Yes. Our trained and experienced veterinary staff will always be near your pet. If your pet experiences a medical emergency, we'll work to provide them with the services they need at our office.

Of course. Our team is more than happy to walk you through our facilities so that you know what your pet will experience while boarding with us.

Yes. We provide socialization time for all the cats and dogs under our care. However, we know that some owners may not want their pets to be with other animals and can keep them separated.

Compassionate Mobile Overnight Cat & Dog Boarding

At Village Animal Clinic, we're passionate about providing dependable overnight pet boarding to Mobile residents and those in its surrounding communities. We've worked hard to make our pet boarding services as all-encompassing as possible, from the personalized attention we provide your pet to keeping up with their medication schedule. Our office is proud to extend our boarding services to cats and dogs of all ages. Call us today to schedule your pet's next appointment and learn more about our boarding offerings!

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